About me

My strong commitment to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) began in 2018. I was in a wheelchair that year... Both my legs were paralyzed. The doctors said I had a 10% chance of being able to walk again but with a Zimmer frame, and based on previous experience, I had a 2% chance of full recovery.

Concepts like recovery, healing, therapy, learning to walk and asking for help seemed more depressing than uplifting, and I needed much more motivation to go through all that.

That’s why I decided to prepare myself to the challenge of running a Marathon. During the 9 months of my recovery, I gained insight into several branches of medicine related to my condition, like Physiotherapy, Psychology, Osteopathy, Neuropathy and Rheumatology.

In this process not only did I learn how certain deficiencies in the body affect our mobility, but also how these deficiencies can lead to more serious health risks such as physical and mental problems. I realized that full healing requires complex examination and treatment of the whole body and soul.

These studies and my personal experience gradually changed my approach to life. I started to recognize the whole person and the physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of wellness. I became fully committed to holistic health.

Thanks to learning and experiencing the benefits of holistic alternative therapies, I fully recovered and then ran the Marathon in 2020.

Since then, I have been committed to helping others on their path to recovery.
To achieve my aim, I have started a masters degree course in osteopathy to study the basics of general medicine, learn from professionals in a clinical setting, and recognize the root cause of bodily problems to provide complex and effective treatments that involve the whole body and the mind.

My credentials

Licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapist, with level 3 degrees in:
Pregnancy - Swedish - Sports - Deep Tissue - Body sculpting and contouring


  • I am passionate about what I do.
  • I’m a good listener, I will hear your complaints.
  • You will get immediate relief from acute and chronic pain.
  • You will benefit from my awesome stress and anxiety reduction techniques.
  • Only the purest organic massage oils and essential oils are used.
  • Only gentle, pain-free techniques are used.
  • You can depend on consistent results.
  • You can have warmed socks if your feet are cold.
  • You will have unlined face cradle covers – no more lines on your face.
  • I provide one full hour of service – not 50 or 55 minutes.
  • My techniques are constantly updated to provide the latest treatments available with consistent quality.
  • You will receive the following for free: Water, Custom-blended aromatherapy, and a warmed table and room.