Scalp, neck and shoulder massage with facial reflexology

£65/50 min
Free your body
Free your mind

Recommended for you if you...

  • You want to revamp your facial skin into a smoother and healthier version of itself.
  • You want cleaner, fresher, healthier, more youthful skin.
  • You want to refine wrinkles by promoting collagen production.

Treatment explanation

With this luxury Facial, Scalp & Shoulders Massage, you may indulge in a wonderful getaway and refresh your mind, body, and soul. This professional treatment combines massage with specific methods to create a soothing and exhilarating experience. You will be treated to a harmonic combination of soothing strokes, soft pressures, and revitalising methods during the Facial, Scalp & Shoulders Massage. The massage begins with thoroughly washing your face to prepare your skin for the following nourishing advantages. Tension and stress will melt away as my skilful hands cross your forehead, temples, scalp, and shoulders, leaving you in deep relaxation. This Facial, Head, and Shoulders Massage is ideal for anybody looking for a rejuvenating break from the demands of everyday life.

Treatment benefits

  • Decongests blocked pores, removes impurities and dead skin cells
  • Improves circulation of oxygen rich blood, energy (qi)
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes regeneration and renewal of skin cells.
  • Moves stagnant blood that contributes to dark circles and under-eye bags.
  • Relieves stress, tensions and fatigue in muscles and myofascial tissues
  • Brightens complexion and improves tone, texture, elasticity and firmness
  • Stimulate fibroblast cells, responsible for collagen production, elasticity and firmness
  • Increases hydration levels; transforms dry skin conditions.
  • Improves overall skin health and skin condition
  • Restores the autonomic nervous system
  • Helps to quiet the mind, promotes mental clarity
  • Helps to clear sinus pressure and congestion and tension headaches


  • Skin diseases/disorders, hyper-sensitive skin
  • Bruising, swelling, acute inflammation
  • Avoid any areas with warts, cuts or abrasions
  • Recent operations in the concerned areas
  • Recent fractures of the concerned areas
  • Epilepsy (if not on medication)
  • Recent scar tissue
  • Tumours or unrecognised lumps
  • Neuritis/neuralgia
  • Haemophilia
  • Any viral infection e.g. flu, lymphatic disorder, eye infections e.g. conjunctivitis, cold sores
  • Pacemakers, metal plates/pins in the immediate area for treatment
  • Severe asthmatic conditions
  • Pregnancy